Expand the Allard School Playground

The current playground, appropriate for a small number of smaller children
The existing Allard playground (at Dr. Lila Fahlman school) - August 2019

The Allard neighbourhood is a new area in south west Edmonton and the home of the Dr. Lila Fahlman K-9 school. The existing playground was installed by the developer, but its current size & design is now insufficient for the nearly 900 students at the school and the community at large.

Project Goals:

  • Expand playground area (approx 500 - 600 sq m)
  • Add new equipment aimed at 8-12 yr old children
  • Relieve overcrowding, particularly after the pending addition of 4 new portables to the school

Recent Updates

Playground Expansion Funding Update

We are happy to announce that we have secured adequate funding in place for the Allard Playground Expansion. We would like to thank the City of Edmonton, Bla...

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