The Allard neighbourhood is a new area in south west Edmonton and the home of the Dr. Lila Fahlman K-9 school. The existing playground was installed by the developer, but its current size & design is now insufficient for the nearly 900 students at the school and the community at large.

The current playground primarily serves children ages 1-7 years of age. The school services students from kindergarten to grade 9, and is nearing its capacity of 900 students going into its third operational year. The school has been granted 4 more portables for the fall of 2019 to accommodate the additional students. An already crowded playground will be further beyond capacity in terms of numbers of children and age ranges of children.

The objectives of this project are to provide the Dr. Lila Fahlman school, and the Allard community, with a larger playground that is geared towards an older demographic (8-12 year olds).