New Preview Images of Playground and Layout

Another couple of views for the playground!

Playground Render

Playground Render

You may notice that the new equipment looks similar to what we have currently. After looking at all the proposals for the upgrade, we chose this design, and it happens to be from the same supplier as the current equipment. As a committee we felt this equipment best met the requirements we had included in the tender. Those requirements were based upon the information we collected through a variety of meetings and surveys.

After the basic plan was decided upon, the process through the city allows for minor changes and updates within the budgeted amount. We made some changes to colouring of the geo-dome from the standard grey to the red and blue as seen. There was a minor change to a piece of equipment to allow for a better field of view for supervision as well, but kept the same basic design overall.

Top-Down Drawing of New Playground Location

In the top view drawing you can see where the expansion is relative to the current playground location. The playground equipment utilizes most of the physical expansion space, and you can see at the top of the image the shelter in the drawing. The shelter is not supplied by Canadian Recreation Solutions, and therefore isn’t on the 3D renderings of the park equipment which they have supplied.

More images to come in the near future!