Playground Construction Update

As you may have seen, there has been fencing put up around the construction area of the park and the equipment has been delivered. As well, the initial survey and locates have been done.

Construction fencing and equipment

Wilco has been selected by the city as the contractor for this job. They are scheduled to start construction this week, and the weather is looking excellent for that.

We would like to thank the City of Edmonton for providing timely information about how the process is proceeding. It is very much appreciated.

We would like to remind people to stay out of the fenced off area, and please remind your children to do the same. This is for people’s safety, and to ensure the project can continue as quickly as possible. If any of the survey markers are disturbed then the project has to wait to be re-surveyed.

We have already had children in the fenced off area, and we do want to make sure everybody is safe during construction. Thank you very much for your cooperation and respecting the construction area and instructions.

More details to come as we receive them.

Have a great day!

The Allard Park Playground Committee